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To anyone like me

You made it to 2021

Your loved ones made it to 2021

You are giving thanks to the Almighty

You are healthy

You learnt to love, appreciate and be kind to you

You grew emotionally

You learnt to let go

You believed in yourself

You added a new number to your age

You learnt to appreciate what you have in life

You got yourself into some lame bonds

You loved when you were not supposed to

You gave up so much for nothing

You were constantly mad at the world

You cried yourself to sleep sometimes for no reason

You straggled but managed to take care of your mental health

You developed and learnt to express your emotions

You were never discouraged when you were looked down upon

You wrote good and bad poetry

You lost someone you loved

You took that massive step in your life

You worked hard in class

You developed your talent

You did what you’re passionate about

You listened to new music

Watched a lot of movies and TV shows

You made some good friends

You loved harder

You learnt to apologize to people you love

You cried when you listened to that song

You cried when you re watched that scene in your favorite tv drama and series

You were inspired no matter of your race

You were cut off because you have your own world

You listened to Billie Eilish

You found inspiration and growth in brokenpieces 19

I am more proud of you the same way I am proud of myself for being strong throughout this differentish amazing year.

As we welcome 2021, I am very grateful for everyone, your visits, your likes, your comments and your follow 😊😊



With love❀️❀️

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Merry Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ…

It has been a challenging year but we made it by the grace of God. Merry Christmas Christmas to my new family β™₯οΈπŸ’š Today’s readings : 1st ; Isiah 52:7-10 2nd ; Hebrews 1:1-5 Psalms 98:1, 2-3, 3-4, 5-5 Gospel acclamation ; 1:1-5, 9-14 I wish you God’s blessings as you finish your year. ILYSSM

Merry Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ…
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Are there qualifications to choosing a best friend or is there a process to acquire one? Or maybe the gods drop them to some good devotees!! If so why not me? I think I can be a pretty awesome devotee and am a perfectionist law abider, I suppose …

I really can’t explain what qualifications mark a best friend nor how people choose a best friends but I can’t for sure explain why I don’t have one after a tidious search ..

After months of struggling searching for that person or perhaps best friend, I failed miserably. I mean, the fact that I couldn’t find one dazzles me, what could be it that I want? But before I explain, I got some good friends in the process and am grateful for that.

So, speaking of best friends, they always seem cute, happy and know each other in and out. Some say it doesn’t matter for how long you’ve been friends but the bond you build in between you two or more means much than the time.

To my perseption, I don’t really know what is to have, time to spend or whatever people may consider in this relationship. So I didn’t find that person

But what if that best friend you looking for was already in your life?

I have lived with my sister since she was a small kid back in 2003. Went to the same kindergarten but when I was in class four I went to a boarding school so she had to school on her own that year but my stay in the school couldn’t last so I transferred schools to another boarding school and she insisted that she would go to my school as a boarding student though she was in class three.

My parents hesitated but finally gave in to her demands and we joined the same boarding school.

For the four years we were in primary school together, she was my responsibility, we shared everything, we talked alot, we washed our clothes together, she could fetch me bathing water when I was caught up in class , we shared our pocket money and every shopping we could be bought be it opening date, visiting days or any other special day, we took our shower together and even gossiped together, hehe afterall gossip adds some juice and laughter in life.

After two years, we went to the same high school and life was all over the same, we took care of each other. In the final two years of my high school I had someone with, someone for me, someone to talk to, someone who expounded my knowledge, someone around.

“Huwa mnapigana na sistako? “was what my friends asked? Yeah, of course we fought but could work out our differences out. I mean we were always fighting but with love I can say

What I mean to say is, sometimes we looking for something yet we have something else more valuable.

Family is a treasure, loving is priceless, friendship is a gift

Sometimes we’re looking for what we have……

She’s not only not my sister but my best friend



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To my future son,,

I know I will not be that perfect kind of a mother but son, I will try my best. But there are some things in life I just can’t watch you grow without : some values, some assumptions, some beliefs or whatever you may wish to call them, in general can we say your character? Yeah I think that’s a pretty awesome conclusion son…

Dear son, you will not be one forever, you will neither be seventeen forever nor will you be twenty years old forever. You must and I mean you will grow and at every stage of your life you will learn something new good or bad. Be proud of you, be you, love you because that’s a life necessity.

Son :

It’s okay to be broken but those pieces are not meant to wound someone else, It’s okay to cry but that doesn’t mean you are weak or you are not a man It’s okay to love but definitely not okay to love when and where and who you are not supposed to love, I adore humility so be humble no matter what Respecting women is more than respecting your mother and yourself

It’s okay to be bitter with life but equality is something the world can not explain in details, you figure that out. Peace is more important to you, do what makes you happy and make people around your world happier, Treat others like you would like to be treated, Respecting your girl si kukaliwa, it’s just being that boy I raised.

Haha, this formality seems awkward. So can we talk heart to heart? I meant to say it’s up to you kuunda life yako the way you love and wish. I will not be in the way of your decisions but ntakukalia ju sipendi ufala. Juu life itakufunza mob, I’m cool with that and I will forever be your pillar or whatever you may consider me dear..


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If the sun had a sweet fragrance, then I would sit under it the whole day. I would trap the fragrance underneath, underneath my breathe to ease my lungs, for my heart to feel the sweatness. πŸŒ„

If the moon changed its shapes with a blossom, then I would be taking note of the time of the transitions, the time we would spend together. As I wrote down in my mind the every second we would stare at it live it’s moment. In the dark with the shade of love.. πŸŒ™πŸŒ”πŸŒ—

If the stars gently smiled back, when I was lonely and I stared at them. When my heart ached, I would have named them all with love, count them, draw them and give them a home in my heart… ✨🌠

If the air would blow so hard, and unpluck the roses gently blowing them to my empty arms then I would be filled with love from within. I would let the petals unpluck with love to ease the tension between the two…. 🌬️

If the waters of the sea saw something, 🌊 something adorable, something special in fades, love they say. Then with merry, nothing but the waves hymns they would sing for “lovebirds” something we’ve never heard before…..

If this was to keep on, could we do that again? Seek nature the permission…… TO LOVE AGAIN


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Don’t Tell Me to Write More Love Poems

as if I’ve never been to the Taco Bellon the beach at 9amwith a hooded man seated across from meat a dirty table,waiting for our number to be calledβ€”as if I’ve never seen the sandy deck andits walk-up window and wishedfor more ode and less elegy in my life,or written both with nothing but hotContinue reading β€œDon’t Tell Me to Write More Love Poems”

Don’t Tell Me to Write More Love Poems

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I had no tittle,,,,,

Sometimes I want to build a kingdom, perhaps one of my own. Sometimes I dream of building a kingdom of my own, a kingdom I rule me, a kingdom with everything I wanted, a kingdom lived by me. A silent kingdom with just my Playlist as I cry myself to sleep on the thrown.