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Okaaay, I’m thinking about someone,

Someone else this time Someone else this time,

Do you know that culture,

Saving the best part of the dish to be the last?

That favorite piece as your last,

Or saving your favorite things,

For another day you don’t know when?

Okay I’ve been saving my favorite part of my life for the last dish,

My caring dad.

Hey dad☺️

Should I be writing about you and praising your greatness?

No no I won’t, you are worth a book, describing you in a few lines won’t give me that satisfaction,

similar that piece of chicken I always save to eat last,

I think I may write a book about how great of a man you are dad

So I’m still saving up

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Day 29

You got me worried
Every single moment
Every single day
Every time I think
About you
Everytime we talked
You gave me reasons to love you
Then you walked away
To somewhere
To someone
I don't know.
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When you fall in love

And when you finally decide to open up,

When you decide to take that chance,

When you decide to love again,

I hope you love wholeheartedly,

I hope you love like you will never love again,

I hope you love everything about whom you will love,

I hope the insecurities, doubts and misunderstandings will be cleared,

I hope you will love all the flaws,

I hope you will love that amazing soul,

I hope you will love all that you were blessed with at birth,

I hope you will love that body you call “imperfect”

I hope you will love that skin color that you grace daily,

I hope you will wear that hair like a crown,

I hope you will daily treat that body,

I hope you dress that beautiful silhouette to your dreams and liking,

And when you fall in love again,

Fall in love with the soul,

Build that stronger love bond,

When you fall in love this time,

I hope you fall in love with the amazing person you are..

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every time

But everytime I thought of me,

I had these amazing thoughts of a person,

I had these thoughts of this soul,

I had these thoughts of someone’s daughter,

I had these thoughts of someone else,

I thought of this girl,

Whom I could not understand,

I had these lost, sad thoughts of someone else,

Someone familiar,

Someone whom I saw nothing on her face,

Someone I used to watch,

Trying hard,

From that gallery I often visited.

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When you walk away,

don’t tell me you didn’t love me,

don’t tell me the reason you didn’t stay,

don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy a single sunset,

give me one reason you walk away,

I will fill the other reasons I let you walk away.

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Everytime I write,

Everytime I want to write,

I am always in a devastated state,

Or maybe I feel low,

Worthless to be precise,

I always have a lot in my heart,

All the current and all that I burry within,

Everytime I want to use words as my channel of emotions,

I am not always that happy,

I am either being irritated on how good I can be or hating myself for it,

Everytime I write,

I am clouded with emotions and words,

That I can’t really figure out what to write or how to put about me.

Everytime I write,

I want to express myself,

I want to write about my state of mind,

I want to write about how my friends and family make me feel,

I want to write about what I’m going to do the next, shift 99 to the negative,

I want to write on what I dream of,

what I desire most,

why I keep searching for what I don’t need,

Everytime I write,

I don’t know why I exist and the reason for my encounteres,

I want to go back to being non existence,

But I wish it could be the easiest thing I would do.